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 If you need a professional tree removal and tree trimming company in Roswell, Georgia then look no further. With our Roswell, GA tree company you will receive low rates and quality work that you can be proud of and service you deserve.
At Roswell Tree Service we are determined to make sure that you are more than just happy. We desire and yearn for 100% satisfaction from each and everyone of our customers!
Our Roswell Tree Service is a professional tree company consisting of Certified Arborists and highly skilled Foresters and have a tremendous amount of experience.
   Along with being fully insured and certified, we have helped the great state of Georgia with Tree cutting and care services for over 30 years. We love our trees and vegetation life and maintaining them is what we love to do!
For a free estimate on any Tree Service you need please call 404-480-8992

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Northern Georgia is a beautiful place. We have a copious amount of trees and forest that adds a great deal to it's Natural beauty.
Roswell Tree Service's take pride and joy in assisting to preserve this any way we can. We will never needlessly ask or encourage you to cut down a Tree! However, there are times when a tree may need to be removed. Perhaps it has started to lean over your house, or maybe it was damaged by strong winds, or developed some type of infestation or disease, sometimes even things we do may inadvertently hurt our trees. It could be that you are having a new structure built and a tree is just in the way. Whatever the reason, Tree Removal is permanent, so be sure to have Roswell Tree Service's evaluate Your Tree to make certain removal is necessary.

All our Foresters and Arborists are very knowledgeable about all of Georgia’s trees and may know of ways to save a tree that is sickly or provide another alternative to removing it. If removal is needed, no other company has the experience and expertise in Tree Removal than Roswell Tree Service’s

Roswell Tree Service's

Tree Trimming & Pruning - Raise Canopy, Clean-out Inside Growth, Remove Dead Branches, Suckers & Dieback.

Tree Shaping & Cutting - To Guide Direction & Growth Structure
Tree Removal - Removing Dangerous, Dead, Large, Complex & Unwanted Trees
Emergency Tree Services - 24/7 Stump Grinding - Grind, Pull, Uproot & Grinded Tree Planting - Replace A Tree, Transplant & Straighten Tree Spraying & Fertilization - Help Promote Growth & Preserve Trees Lot Clearing & Debris Removal - Remove Underbrush, Old Fallen Trees, Logs, Sticks & Branches From A Property

24/7 Emergency & Disaster Services

strike often without warning and when they do the effects can be devastating.  Roswell Tree Service’s are professionals and have the skills and equipment required to handle any damage you may have received from a major storm
. Roswell Tree Service’s
will quickly and efficiently get your property looking like new again after a traumatic weather incident.
You can rest assured knowing we're on the job and focus on the upside-the safety of yourself and your family! We will first remove any threatening limbs and branches, get any parts of a tree off your home and property, remove the tree(s) if necessary, and thoroughly cleanup all debris from your home and yard. Your property will be restored and ready to resume normal activities.

A Tree Service That's right for you!

Affordable Roswell Tree Service’s- Use our professional tree cutting and tree care service in the Roswell area if you  need a safe, hard working, honest, dependable, and knowledgeable Tree Service. We have been unmatched in quality and skill in the Roswell area for over 3 decades. Roswell Tree Service’s  tree cutters and tree trimmers are insured, knowledgeable and  have extensive experience in tree removal services, tree trimming, tree pruning and tree care for residential homeowners, commercial businesses and construction site projects. Unless you have a huge Commercial project, generally paid off in sections, you only pay us after the work is completed and has your approval!

Let us maintain your trees

Tree Maintenance

Roswell's Tree Service’s have extensive experience and knowledge when it comes to any form of Tree Care, Maintenance, or Service.  Properly caring for trees is something that brings each and everyone of us at Roswell's Tree Service’s joy! We attest to the fact that you will be entirely satisfied with our work. Roswell Tree Service’s desire to please our customers to the full.   We’re licensed, insured, and ready to consummate any Tree service or Maintenance you need! Our Services include complete Tree Trimming, Tree Removals, Sick Tree Treatments, Stump Grinding, Disease Diagnosis and many more.

Call today for a rapid free estimate from safe, affordable and Knowledgeable Arborists in Roswell, GA (404) 480-8992

How To Identify Hazardous Trees

What can I do before I contact a Tree Service?

Here are some brief explanations on how you may be able to identify Hazardous Trees even before you contact any Tree Service or Arborist.

What to Look For :

Dead Wood-  

Dead wood is a sure sign of high hazard. Dead trees

and large dead branches need to be removed

right away! Dead trees and branches can not be predicted and can break and fall without warning at any time!


A crack is a large or deep split through the bark,

that extends into the wood of the tree. Cracks

are very hazardous and become dangerous because they    

indicate that the tree is already failing.

Weak branch unions- are the locations of where

branches are not strongly attached to the

tree. A weak union happens when two or more

equally-sized, often upright branches

grow so closely together that bark grows

between the branches, inside the union.

Decay-A tree will usually decay  from the inside out.

A Decaying tree has a high risk of failing but,

decay by itself does not necessarily mean that the tree is hazardous.

Despite that fact, evaluating the safety of a decaying tree is

often best left to trained Arborists.

Wood that is punky, soft, or crumbly are sure signs of advanced Tree Decay and could be a serious hazard!

If there are  mushrooms or conks growing on the trunks,

stems, branches, or root flares are indicators

of advanced decay as well and Proper action should be taken immediately.


A canker is a concentrated area on the Tree’s trunk or

branch of the Tree where the bark is either caved in or

missing.Cankers form from a tree being wounded or from disease.

The existence of a canker elevates

the probability of the trunk  breaking near the



Act quickly if a Canker is connected to crack, weak branch union, or other defect in the tree.

Tree Topping- A Bad Practice That Should Always Be Avoided

Tree Topping-Why Such A Bad Practice?

Possibly the worst and most harmful pruning technique is the "topping" of a tree. Yet despite this fact it is still practiced today. This process is used to minimize or lessen a Tree's' height or size by randomly cutting off the main branches of the tree down to a stub.

Home and Business owners may feel a tree has grown too large-or that it has become too large for the area it is in, so “topping” or “heading” is performed. The Process of “Tree Topping” causes extensive injury and detriment to our trees! It results in - immediate food loss from 50-100% of a trees' leaf-bearing crown. From that point on, the tree basically spends the rest of its life trying to recuperate from the severing had been done to it. Many weak, bush-like branches appear near the wound and grow quite rapidly. However this is bad because they have no strength in them and break easily. Topping will cause a tree to be left wide open to disease and insect infestation. Not only that topping in itself looks ugly (as seen in above image) and trees that have been topped are actually counted as a deficit to your home's property value.

Rest assured though, with Roswell Tree Service's there are various options to reduce a Tree’s size WITHOUT harming it’s health. Small branches can be cut back or removed to the area they grew from. Larger branches can be trimmed to a lateral branch large enough to take on the concluding role. Or, if your circumstances allow, consider doing away with hassle altogether. If the Tree Truly needs to be smaller, why not have it removed and perhaps have a more fitting size of tree species planted.

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